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Crestview and Laurel Hill Presbyterian Churches

Sunday School at FPC

Sunday 9:30 A.M.

Pre-School class (2 years old to Kindergarten)

This group includes our tiniest gifts from God. The children enjoy crafts and songs to entertain and educate on how much they are loved by God. Their lessons are tailored to their age and ability level.

Kidz Zone (grades 1-4)

Their classes are filled with energy and a thirst for knowledge. Each week the children study a lesson from the Bible and complete hands-on activities that help them retain what they learn.

Rise Up (grades 5-8)

Each week the children dive into a lectionary based Bible verse and discover the history behind it. The scripture follows them into the Worship Service where they can continue to learn. They are also involved in many community service projects throughout the year.

Youth (grades 9-12)

On Sunday mornings high schoolers are welcome to join one of our adult classes or they can assist in one of our children’s classes.


We offer two different adult classes each Sunday morning. One class is a more in-depth Biblical study while the other is more of a life-based Bible study. Both classes help us figure out the role that God plays in each of our lives. 

Periodic special trips also help draw us closer to one another, engaging in the kind of fellowship that is beneficial for all ages.