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The Presbyterian Churches of Crestview and Laurel Hill


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 Summer Diaper Drive

The Women’s Groups Formal Clothing Drive was a wonderful success, and remember when I said “I can’t wait to get started on our next project!”

Well we had so much fun the women’s group has gotten together and taken on an exciting new adventure and I hope you all come along.

My girl Ms. Celia has been working with Families First for quite some time,  years really now, and organizes with them to give out food baskets at Christmas.  When she took the food to provide at Christmas time for Families First this past Christmas she asked them if there was something that they really needed during the rest of the year they said they were in desperate need of diapers size 3 and 4 around 24 count  pack size, that way they would be easy to give out. Well that’s been bopping around in Ms Celia‘s head for a little while now.  So now it has come to us, 

Christmas in July

For the month of June and July we are going to collect as many packs of diapers as humanly possible I’m asking everyone from church and the community to bring us packs of diapers size 3 and 4,  24 count packs or as close to that amount as possible. Then we are taking them to Families First so that they will have them to distribute for the rest of the year or however long they last. They run about $8 to $10 a pack. If everybody in town gets a pack and donates we should be able to Cover all the baby bottoms that need help covering in Crestview till Christmas.

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