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Crestview and Laurel Hill Presbyterian Churches

What should I expect when I arrive at Laurel Hill Presbyterian?

We are few in number - averaging about 12 each week. We are small but are a warm, welcoming bunch of folks. Folks will welcome you and want to learn about you, where you live, where you came from, and talk with you before and after worship. Our style of worship is "traditional," with a pipe organ to accompany the singing of our hymns.

Our organist is extremely talented and offers a wide variety of music.

We receive an offering each week, and several times per year receive special offerings that help feed hungry persons locally and around the country.

How long are services going to be?

Worship lasts about 45.

How should I dress?

Frankly, what is worn is not important to God or to us. You will find a variety of clothing people wear. Most of the men wear a shirt and tie, with slacks. Some will wear a sports coat. Most women wear dresses, skirts, or slacks. Some people wear "business casual." Some wear jeans and T-shirts.

Where do I take my children?

At this point we do not have a children's program, so children who come sit with their families and friends during worship.

Where can I park?

At Laurel Hill Presbyterian there is ample parking on the grass beside the church and in front of the house immediately to the east of the church. Shade, too!

Are there any "secret handshakes?"

No. There is nothing secret about our worship or about our faith. On the first Sunday of the even-numbered months, we celebrate the Lord's Supper, also known as Communion or Eucharist. As Presbyterians, we have an "open table." This means anyone who has been baptized - whether as an infant or later in life, or as part of a different Christian denomination - all are welcome. Communion is served to everyone in their seats using bread and grape juice. (We have chosen to not use wine so no one - including baptized children - is excluded from the table.) Be sure to see the link for The Lord's Supper for more information.

How many times do I have to stand up and sit down?

We tend to stand for the singing of the hymns (songs), which are typically three. We also stand for singing what we call the "Gloria Patri," which is in the hymnal and sung after the Declaration of Pardon, and for singing the "Doxology," which is also in the hymnal after our offerings are received. So we tend to stand 4-5 times during a service. These places are noted in the program. (Helps to stretch the muscles if the preacher gets carried away, too.)