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The Presbyterian Churches of Crestview and Laurel Hill


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The 2022 Formal Clothing for Prom Drive was so much fun However it is finished. We are leaving the pictures up for a little while.

 Formal Clothing ​for Prom

The Women’s Groups Formal Clothing Drive was a wonderful success! Celia washed and ironed 10 dresses over the course of last week and Sunday May 1 at Women’s Group meeting with Pat Thalacker, Angela Just, Sarah Myer and Clarissa steamed the other 11 dresses and ironed the suits with the steamers that Catherine and Ruth loaned us. An Extra Thank You to Angela for helping since 3:30 on that Sunday with teens and steaming and ironing (what a handful). On Monday they dropped the 21 formal dresses, 10 suits, 5 additional pairs of slacks, 2 dress shirts, 2 purses, about 30 ties, some costume jewelry, hair pieces, and 10 pairs of shoes off at Crestview Highschool. This filled Angela and Celia's Vehicles with stuff. The Senior Resource Officer and front office ladies were very Impressed by how much we were able to collect. They will use our contributions to go with their project the SRO started this year, that will help all teens in the county of Okaloosa have clothes for Prom that need them. Crestview Highschool students get first choice and have the opportunity to come and choose whatever they like throughout school hours. What a great effort made by all. I can’t wait to get started on our next project!