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The Presbyterian Churches of Crestview and Laurel Hill


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First Presbyterian Church of Crestview 


Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Crestview​

Our mission is to share God's love through acts of kindness, community service and fellowship. We are imperfect people learning from the example Jesus provided. All are welcome here. This is a Faith centered, Bible-based church, changing mindsets.

            Church Schedule and Upcoming Events

  • Bible Study is every Thursday @ 7 p.m. led by Jim Gaylord

  • The last Sunday of each month is 2-cents-a-meal collection

  • The First Sunday of each month is Bring Your Can to Church

  • 9 am Laurel Hill Worship Service begins.

  • 10 am Sunday School in Crestview. Adult class led by Ron Ballard. Children's class led by Clarissa. 
  • 11 am Crestview Worship Service begins. There is childcare provided for wiggly little people 3rd grade and under during worship service by Clarissa and one teen volunteer.
  •  Sermon: written and presented by Rev. Mark Broadhead at both locations. 

*Church Service has returned to the Sanctuary- we are still awaiting info on repair options.*


  • Church office is open 9am-2pm
  • feel free ring bell at church office door to make food donations or Help Closet donations.


  •  The Office is open 9am-2pm.
  • feel free to drop by and visit during office hours or to learn more about what this church family is up to.


  • Church office is open 9am-2pm
  • feel free to reach out during office hours to find out how to help your community


  • Bible Study 7pm
  • Maundy Thursday Worship Service 7:30pm
  • Church office is open 9am-2pm
  • feel free to reach out during office hours if you need help finding community assistance programs 


  • Soup Kitchen 11 am. Lunch at no cost to anyone in need. 
  • The 1st Friday of each month, there are additional pantry items for anyone in need who arrives to the soup kitchen. Like canned goods, soaps, sanitary napkins, etc.  

Friday Soup Kitchen Day

- Alrighty everyone! Every 1st Sunday of the month is Bring Your CAN to Church! Be sure to bring a non-perishable food item for the food pantry or monetary donation. 

-  the 1st Friday if you are in need and want to come and receive pantry items this is the time we to come pick up those things when you come for lunch at at soup kitchen at 11 am. If you want items you donate to help the community for this coming months give away this is the date to beat to get them in.


We are collecting non-perishable food and other items like dish soap and laundry detergent to help support the less fortunate in our community. Grocery bags are given out the first Friday of each month through our Soup Kitchen. 

Please bring items during office hours during week or better yet on the first Sunday morning of the month and stay for worship! Anyday during office hours is fine. During worship this Sunday as it is the first Sunday of February