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The Presbyterian Churches of Crestview and Laurel Hill


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First Presbyterian Church of Crestview 


Laurel Hill Presbyterian Church

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Crestview​

Our mission is to share God's love through acts of kindness, community service and fellowship. We are imperfect people learning from the example Jesus provided. All are welcome here. This is a Faith centered, Bible-based church, changing mindsets.

Church Schedule and Upcoming Events


  • 10 am Adult Sunday School led by Ron Ballard 
  • 10 am Children's Sunday School childcare during service at 11 for wiggly little people. 
  • 11 am Church Service by Rev. Mark Broadhead
  • October 2nd Sermon: Rekindle the Gift
  • 3:30pm 3rd Sunday of each month Teen Group.
  • 1pm 3rd Sunday Women's Group. Collecting clean gently used clothing and kitchenware for Help Closets of Crestview. Do Not Bring Garbage. Bring stuff people can be happy to use.  We do not have or pay for a dumpster. Contact Clarissa if you want to get involved.


  • Church office is open 9am-2pm
  • feel free to knock on church office door to make food donations or Help Closet donations


  •  The Office is open 9am-2pm
  • feel free to drop by and visit Clarissa during office hours or to learn more about what this church family is up to.


  • Church office is open 9am-2pm
  • feel free to reach out during office hours to find out how to help your community


  • Church office is open 9am-2pm
  • feel free to reach out during office hours if you need help finding community assistance programs 
  • Bible Study 7pm


  • Soup Kitchen 11 am. Free lunch to those in need. 
  • This Friday is the first Friday of the month, so in addition to lunch we provide as many bags of pantry items to individuals in need as we are able to.

October 2- Alrighty everyone! Every 1st Sunday of the month is Bring Your CAN to Church! Be sure to bring a non-perishable food item for the food pantry or monetary donation. 

Time for Teen Group! We are back! Come and bring a friend. Remember this group is as awesome as you make it. Lots of fun stuff planned all we need is you. 

 3rd Sunday every month at 3:30. T-shirt making, cooking lessons, concrete stepping stone painting, games, pizza. Who knows what will we will come up with. The one thing you know for sure is we are going to have fun doing it.

Women's Group

Did you notice we changed? Still 3rd Sunday of the month, however we will now be meeting at 1pm. If you have been wanting to join but have concerns about driving in the dark we have now moved to an earlier time!


We are collecting non-perishable food and other items like dish soap and laundry detergent to help support the less fortunate in our community. Grocery bags are given out the first Friday of each month through our Soup Kitchen.

Please bring items during office hours during week or better yet on the first Sunday morning of the month and stay for worship!

Christmas Toy Drive!

 We are collecting toy for local kids in need at  Christmas for Foster Children and if there is any excess will be spread among local charities.  This can be so much more than toys there are so many little luxuries to them that are everyday things to so many. 

  • Shoes and socks any size (older kids really dig name brand socks right now, not sure why, if it is in your budget)
  • any toys
  • skateboards
  • bikes
  • hats
  • pants 
  • gloves
  • jackets
  • suitcases
  • khakis and sport coat maybe a tie
  • dresses
  • hairbows
  • dress shoes
  • older girls love good shampoo and conditioner maybe body wash kits, face cleanser